“To People Who Want To Turn Their Mind

... Reach New Levels of Achievement By Taking
FULL Control of Your Potential!

Dear Friend,

  • When did you CHOOSE the life you are leading right now?
  • When did you pick the job you HAVE, against the job you want?
  • When did you decide the money you MAKE now, is all you can make?

Did you even decide?

The decisions you make EVERYDAY, create and shape your future...

Focus and determination are not only the starting points of your success, they open you to new OPPORTUNITIES, to do and be anything you desire...

But let's take a closer look!

You only need "one subconscious thought" to plant your first seed of success.

Then you need simple steps, that lead you to "start asking" the right questions...

By DISCOVERING how your mind works, you also understand how to break the cycles which keep you on the outside always looking in, instead of where you TRULY wish to be!

Finding the powers that lie HIDDEN in your mind ... will open your eyes to a world which has always been there, you just didn't know the questions to EXPOSE it to you...

Whether You Are AWARE Of It Or Not!

Your energies are FOCUSED and those energies are working in your life, for better or for worse. Just like electricity, your own energies do not decide to work in one area, and not another!

Electricity doesn't stop working because the toaster is bad or the stereo is on a negative channel ... Electricity flows through the circuit until it is COMPLETE.

Your energies act in exactly the same way as electricity flows...

How do you EXPAND on this simple life truth?

What if you could be taken by the hand, and walked through every step of how to CHANGE your circuit path, so the things you want in your life receive the energy.

Rather than sending it to the THINGS which are helping to keep you strapped down - and away from what you want and desire most.

Start Putting REAL Focus And Energy Into Your Success

Here's how your mind works:

Even the SIMPLEST of activities can cause negativity...

There are many ways in which we entertain and work our minds. Often, we choose activities which cause BARRIERS to our success ... By adding a continuous stream of negativity into our brains storehouse, rather than enriching our lives.


1 = The Conscious part of the brain

A = Readily Accessible Memory (RAM)

B = Stored information, not accessible without "a key" to open the door (Cold Storage)


As you allow negative or positive thoughts into your mind, they are STORED in the brain ... And what you have most recently thought about is in the conscious section (1).

As you continue to have thoughts, eventually the OLDER thoughts in section (1) are pushed into your subconscious mind, to the front of the warehouse or RAM section (A).

To make room for these NEW thoughts, your older thoughts already in RAM are then pushed into Cold Storage (B). For you to access RAM thoughts, you need only have the desire to do so, and the thoughts are automatically again in the conscious section of your mind...

Accessing Your Cold Storage (B)
Thoughts Is Not As Easy ...

At least up until now that is...

You need the RIGHT KEY to open the door.

Reminiscing with an old friend may bring up memories (thoughts) you haven’t remembered in years. How many times have you thought or said, “It’s on the tip of my tongue,” yet CAN NEVER quite seem to bring the thought to the forefront of your mind?

This is a simple example of a KEY to the Cold Storage area of your brain - sometimes, the key is strong enough to open the door, sometimes, it isn’t!

Negative energy only helps, your thoughts, speech and actions become more negative...

As these negative thoughts GROW INSIDE you, they push the positive thoughts into the RAM portion of your minds warehouse.

Eventually, they end up right at the back of Cold Storage...

What Happens To Your Thoughts And Internal Energy?

It attracts more of the same...

Eventually, any positive thoughts are long forgotten, also lost is the key to UNLOCK their door. This is the EFFECT of negative thinking, which is far reaching into your future - unless you stop it right here, right now!

To stop this snowball effect, you must SIMPLY change what’s inside you to positive. As you can see from the graphic above, the only way to change the negative already there is to replace it with positive.

What if you could at last ... rid ALL these negative thoughts which only weaken you? - so you can finally concentrate on strong positive thoughts, which help to empower you...

Well now you can, with...

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life!

Download Now!

Here’s just a small glimpse into what YOU are about to Discover!

  • What is real success - and what is its true meaning to you? (page 2)
  • Why being successful is a two-part PROCESS, you will discover both parts! (page 3)
  • The MOST effective way ever, to drop all angry, resentful, hating, and envious thoughts? (page 7)
  • A thought, just like an action, is energy in motion. Discover HOW Emotional thoughts carry the most energy, and why! (page 8)
  • Focus is another problem. A simple way to focus on “doing” instead of “getting”. With a FULLY focused mind you can totally "Rewriting Your Reality” (page 9)
  • The amazing facts about, letting go of negative programming, so doors of possibility and success may then open up to you. (page 12)
  • How to recognize and eliminate the recorded tape which constantly PLAYS out, in the back of your mind over-and-over-again. (page 13)
  • Our need to ALWAYS be right is so strong that it’s a conditioned reflex. Discover how to let go of this need to always be right, the limiting self-speech, the programming, and the negative thoughts. (page 14)
  • Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham developed something called the "Johari Window", how you can use this to better understand your personality? (page 19)
  • FINALLY access the creative part of your mind. New thought develops here. New ideas that change the world develop here. It’s that unknown part of you ... (page 20)
  • Discover how the past HOLDS you back and does not drive you forward, that is until you allow it to! (page 27)
  • How to consciously take your FOCUS away from the past and a future that hasn’t arrived yet, so you can at last be totally present right now! (page 30)
  • Discover how to change the way you view yourself and ONLY relish the nice things about you. (page 32)
  • Learn how we attach conditions to our happiness and peace, so the moment we gain what we seek, we SOON become disappointed again. (Page 33)
  • How to not only find people more interesting, but also enjoy every conversation you have from now on! (page 34)
  • The 2 main parts of your mind and the do-it-yourself, key to fully unlocking them... (page 36)
  • How to overcome all thoughts which are (negative) and weaken you, PLUS the trick to replacing them with only strong (positive) thoughts! (page 37)
  • Failure is only a result - how to view it as a milestone toward your success, instead of a hindrance. (page 39)

Uncover Methods Which Truly Empower You!

  • How to balance your TIME to include your family, friends and the rest of your life... (page 41)
  • The law of “sevenfold” learn how what you put out through your actions (energy) will come back to you seven times stronger. (page 43)
  • HOW to silence your mind. In this silence you connect to love, you access the power of the universe. (page 51)
  • A simple way to, clear your mind and give yourself extraordinary ideas, allowing success to flow as freely as water in a stream (page 51)
  • Awash yourself with true happiness and peace ... like you’ve never felt before. (page 54)
  • A simple way to use mantras - and how they help to KEEP your attention by controlling your wandering thoughts. (page 55)
  • The best way to make an affirmation statement, and turn over ALL your problems and concerns to the universe... (page 56)
  • HOW to check your conscious thoughts, words and actions against your goal. To tell if they match up with your plan for success? (page 64)
  • Discover how the people you surround yourself with influence your path, your attitude, your determination, your belief, your inspiration, and ALSO the outcome of your success! (page 66)
  • How finding a hero (or heroine) to emulate can give you MANY achievement advantages! (page 68)
  • Safely eliminate the negative you are placing in your minds storage each day just from newspapers, television etc... (page 71)
  • Shocking facts about, why many people never achieve the success they desire, and how you can TOTALLY avoid this? (page 73)
  • What keeps some of us living paycheck-to-paycheck, barely earning enough to KEEP UP with our spending, and slaves to money and our material possessions? (page 74)
  • How to conquer and simplify your work life, so you can now WORK SMARTER, have more time to do what’s important, and also work less hours! (page 80)
  • Why you should focus 80% of your time on JUST 20% of your work? (page 82)
  • All this and more...

19 Hands-On Exercises To REALLY Power-Up Your Mind

That’s right, with Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life! You don't just get insider secrets to unleashing your mind powers and endless potential - but also hands-on exercises which you can FOLLOW in the comfort of your own home, anytime you like...

  • Exercise 1 — Examine Your Thoughts
  • Exercise 2 — The Influence of Programming
  • Exercise 3 To 6 — Who Are You?
  • Exercise 7 — Reinvent Yourself
  • Exercise 8 — Plan of Action
  • Exercise 9 — Meditation
  • Exercise 10 — Additional Connections
  • Exercise 11 — What’s Important?
  • Exercise 12 — Wanting to Believing
  • Exercise 13 — Education and Motivation
  • Exercise 14 — Power of Association
  • Exercise 15 — Heroes
  • Exercise 16 — Your Newspaper
  • Exercise 17 — Lessening the Negative
  • Exercise 18 — Comfort Trade-Offs
  • Exercise 19 — Cut the Chaos

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life! Even contains REAL LIFE case studies and examples for you to work with, and follow!

Real Life Stories Like Diane’s And Patricia's...

Diane has now been writing professionally for over 20 years, including books and novels. Yet it has taken her years to “fall” into the job of professional writing ... find out why?

Stories like Beth's, who realized that when she set her goals - she should have written in FIVE years, instead of TEN. Will you make these same mistakes?

Or what about how PLAYING her flute, definitely brings Patricia closer to the universe, as well as anyone in listening distance ... it’s both healing and uplifting.

Julie and her mother were going to a fairly large mall during the Christmas season ... That day Julie’s mother’s faith in the universe GREW by leaps and bounds. Find out what happened!

I can tell you...

It took Julie’s mother quite a while, to recover from the shock!

And you know what?

This is only the contents of the Change Your Thoughts Workbook and Audio...

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Unlock Your Success Mind-Set
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You can’t capture success, nor can you buy it. You have to CREATE it, from the inside out.

And the only way to create it is by changing your thoughts and habits!

What you expect to have in your life, you have. What you focus on the most, expands...

How do you really develop a Success-Mindset?

If your life isn’t what you want it to be, your thoughts are simply not in ALIGNMENT with what you want.

What if by changing your mind-set, you could begin to effortlessly attract the success you desire? What if you could not only attract success, but become successful at a core level?

By following the techniques in both the Unlock Your Success Mind-Set, Manual And Action Book you will discover how to TRANSFORM your thinking processes and develop a true success mind-set.

With the right mind-set, there is no limit to what you can create in your life.

Your Gateway To Unlimited Power And Success!

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You have the power and ability to expand your awareness, and the more you work with these proven techniques, the better you'll be:

  • Total Peace of Mind,
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  • Speed Learning
  • Profound Intuition
  • Intense Focus and Clarity
  • Can ALL be yours..

Beyond your everyday "Thought" is a vast realm of consciousness - its TIME YOU started tapping into it. At last become aware of your state of thinking.

Don’t ALLOW the past or “wants” of the future to immobilize you anymore. Your negative energy can easily become a habit, if you let it!

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It's time to take back your mind...

Dale Odeyemi

P.S. Even the SIMPLEST of activities can cause you negativity - its time you START putting REAL focus and energy into Your Success!

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